Launching the Most Advanced AI Driven Learning Management System

The AI Driven Learning Management System which is capable to replace the legacy LMS. It use Ai for content curation, learning distribution and personalization.

DELHI, INDIA, January 30, 2021 / — Syndicate Learning announced that it has launched one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven Learning Management System that has the capability to replace most Legacy LMS by bringing in technology features that shall stay for years to come. Syndicate Learning is a group consisting of various companies that deliver trainings, develop eLearning courses & implement Learning Management Systems

The system has been in development for the last four years with the help of a diverse team of seasoned L&D professionals, data scientists, software engineers and business analysts with a deep passion for solving the new-age learner’s problem.

The four key features of the system are:

1. AI Based Content Curation: The System can spider the internet and curate content based on organization and users’ needs and reduce the need to create niche content by 60%.
2. Automated Personalized Learning: Delivery of content and courses personalized to every learner based on their competencies, behaviors and learning needs. No need to assign courses manually.
3. Learning Index: This LMS creates a proprietary algorithm to measure a user’s learning journey comprehensively across three planes: knowledge, skills and competency.
4. Complete Learning Solution: As an end to end platform this LMS caters to all corporate learning scenarios – Self paced learning, Virtual ILT, Digital Learning, Classroom based learning.

Sonika Rao, Principal Consultant and official spokesperson of Syndicate Learning said, “The AI Based LMS is based on the scientific principles of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. Our content curation engine has so far reduced the need of content creation by 60% and thus saving millions of our customers that would otherwise be invested in creating custom content. It has reduced several thousand man hours that would otherwise be spent in mundane tasks like data entry. Syndicate Learning Group’s LMS is set to create a landmark in the history of LMS.”

Syndicate LMS has publicly announced this development after implementing in 10+ organizations and going through the test of time.

To know more about the LMS and view a Demo please write to [email protected]


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