The Netherlands, a Kingdom on Fire due to COVID19

Known as the most liberal country in the world, Dutch citizens are worried about freedoms are taking away from them. The Netherlands in a State of Chaos after protesters vandalized major cities in Holland and are still ongoing.

This Virus is taking the freedom from subjects in the most liberal country on the planet.

The Netherlands is on the edge, cities are on fire. “We are taking these measures, not for the fun of it, but because we are fighting the virus and it is that virus that is taking the freedom from us at the moment”, a police spokesperson said in Amsterdam. We have said consistently that public safety must be the top priority.

The Netherlands suffered the worst riots in 40 years and activities are ongoing.

Dutch demonstrators again defied the country’s new curfew to protest government restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Hundreds of people have been arrested in recent days as the protests turned violent with rioters attacking police.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “What motivated these people has nothing to do with protesting,” he told reporters Monday. “It’s criminal violence and we will treat it as such.”

Stores are looted, street fires and firing rocks at police officers has put the Kingdom on edge. Most activities were detected in Amsterdam, as well as The Hague and Rotterdam.

Bars and restaurants in the country have been closed since October. Schools and nonessential shops were shut last month in an attempt to mitigate further spread of the virus.

At least 13,686 people in the Netherlands have died from the coronavirus as of Monday night, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center tracking global infection and death rates from the virus. There are more than 966,000 confirmed infections in the Netherlands, a country of only 17 million.

The World Travel and Tourism Council keeps up its plea to reopen tourismBut we do not believe that there needs to be a conflict between public safety and safely reopening international borders and resuming international travel. Travel bans and/or quarantines for healthy passengers should not be necessary if effective pre-departure testing is in place, wearing face masks is mandatory and robust safety and hygiene protocols are followed.

The rapid implementation of vaccines, especially to the most vulnerable, will also help to progressively reduce the terrible impact of COVID-19.

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