Summer: French Travelers Will Mostly Stay in France

While the inflation rises and spreads to almost all consumer goods, 58% of French are not ready to sacrifice their holidays this summer, 2023.

The yougov-Ready survey in March 2023 revealed that 46% of respondents prioritize enjoying the local landscape during vacations. More than half (55%) of French travelers plan to explore their own country’s offerings, as opposed to only 23% who prefer to travel abroad.

The French intend to spend more time in their own country, while the Dutch (56%), Germans (44%), and British (42%) plan to travel abroad.

For the French traveler, summer vacation is synonymous (in order of priority) with:

1- Relaxation (59%),

2- Curiosity (45%)

3- Being active (27%)

4- Get to know the destination (25%)

5- Sustainable, planning green holidays (11%)

While 20% of French people surveyed do not plan to vacation this summer, 12% of French professionals plan to work abroad for a few weeks to change the scenery.

Many French travelers plan to explore their home country this summer, with 47% inspired by recommendations from friends and family and conducting online searches. Additionally, 31% are willing to revisit a destination they have previously enjoyed. Social networks serve as an inspiration for 15%, while magazines and newspapers are a source of inspiration for 9%.

Here are the top destinations French travelers search for: Paris, Marseille, Provence, South West, Cote d’Azur, Aix en Provence.

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