Giant Rapid Prototyping Company, WayKen, Plans to Promote Their Custom CNC Machining Services

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WayKen is proactively promoting its Custom CNC machining business around the globe Market, as well as providing custom CNC parts to meet strict standards.

“Our custom CNC machining services ensure that our customers receive a comprehensive solution-complex and precision parts, like optical parts, automotive parts, medical devices, etc ” Founder Raymond”

— Founder Raymond

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, January 29, 2021 / — When it comes to WayKen, meeting customers’ design and manufacturing needs becomes an utmost priority. This reputable manufacturing company is committed to providing custom manufacturing solutions, CNC prototype to production, and flexible production process. Clients can avail themselves of vast varieties of machining and surface finishing techniques for their products. WayKen is here to satisfy different projects of auto parts manufacturing. Other services include rapid tooling, CNC machining, sheet metal stamping, anodizing, painting, electroplating, and powdering.

WayKen’s CNC machine shop carries a huge selection of automotive parts that meet customers’ automotive needs, ranging from one unit to more than 10,000 pieces. There are no production limitations or time constraints in meeting market demands. WayKen’s expertise also extends towards professional project management, advanced lean production, and technical expertise engineering. Their team of experts is available to see clients’ projects from design optimization suggestions to manufacturing process details, to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. With WayKen, car part rapid machining just got better.

Unveiling Custom CNC Automotive
WayKen is one of the leading manufacturing companies that produce automotive parts with custom CNC machining. Using the company’s services implies that:
• Automotive projects undergo design for manufacturability (DFM). Before production, delegated certified design engineers can identify design problems and offer cost-effective and reasonable design proposals encapsulating product design, materials, manufacturing process, and manufacturability.

• Provide clients with advanced custom machining. WayKen transcends the traditional machine configuration other CNC shops offer. The company is equipped with advanced 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machining centers to deliver several types of precision CNC machining services, including turning, milling, EDM and wire EDM, surface grinding, and many more.

• When anyone thinks of one-stop finishing, WayKen comes to mind. The reason for this is the complete in-house finishing services customers enjoy from this company. They include polishing, sanding, blasting, painting, printing, and specialty surface treatment of anodizing, laser etching, electroplating, chemical finishing, chroming, and powder coating.

• WayKen is an ISO 9001 certified factory. Everything required to continuously improve and optimize in-house production processes is available. Inspection of projects rests on the professional-trained engineering team, who ensure compliance with the stringent quality specification.

WayKen Providing Custom CNC Parts to Meet Strict Specifications
Under custom CNC machining, Wayken produces both CNC metal parts and CNC plastic parts. For the former, the company takes into account the highest degree of precision possible for efficient precision machining. But that is not all; there is also support for metal machining services for a variety of materials, including magnesium, aluminum, titanium, steel, zinc, and stainless steel. When it comes to custom CNC plastic parts, WayKen offers more than 30 engineering-grade plastics, ranging from visual design models to functional prototypes. The company also specializes in complex surface CNC plastic milling and fast turnaround to deliver your plastic parts and prototypes. Here are some benefits to such services:
• Customization Based on Customer Needs & Values. WayKen is committed to strengthening production plan management, improving the production process, supplying chain collaborative optimization, and implementing cost control. The company continues to strive for improvement, excellence, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

• Competitive Shorter Lead Times & Lower Costs. Another factor worth noting is the provision of faster and more flexible order processing and delivery of products on clients’ schedules while supporting their entire development process. In the same vein, WayKen’s team of experts are here to troubleshoot possible process issues in full production.

• Innovative Service and Seasoned Professionals. WayKen is not one manufacturer to slack on offering its customers consistent quality control, from part to part and project to project. Here, each specialist pays attention to detail, addresses potential problems, researches new materials and processes, invests in automotive technology, and works toward building a sustainable team of professionals to constantly oversee rapid manufacturing.

From CNC prototypes to full production runs, WayKen is on standby to make them happen. The company ensures that customers get high quality, fast delivery, and competitive pricing. Whether it be high complexity machining or low-volume CNC machining, WayKen’s team provides the best services. It is worth stating that there is no minimum order on custom CNC parts.

Implementing One-On-One Collaboration for Better Manufacturing Results
With WayKen, customers have access to professional services from a technical sales team that pays attention to every detail required to make a project idea realizable. Furthermore, these warm and receptive professionals supply technical advice on any project and assist with issues concerning manufacturing, processing, DFM, and budgets.

About WayKen Rapid Manufacturing Industry
WayKen Rapid manufacturing industry is currently active in over 30 countries with over 200 customers worldwide. Their professional team is based in China and boasts of more than 60 employees and over 5000 projects. For more info, kindly visit

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