Mr. President, review your team and apply Strategy

Emmerson Mnangagwa. was born 15 September 1942)is has served as President of Zimbabwe since 24 November 2017.

An open letter to the Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST. The organization published this open letter for the Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Open Letter:

Not much has been done, since the inception of the so-called new dispensation. Now that you have lost key pillars, the likes of Biggie Matiza, Ellen Gwaradzimba, and the coup announcer, S.B Moyo, who was preferred by many as a stabilizer in the regime, you need to sit down and make a review, using the citizen’s perspective and contributions from the general public. You need to work around the clock, to improve on the quality of people around you. I would like to believe, you have a headache on whom to pick considering the caliber of people around you both in the party and Government. The current face of our politics and our country is not looking good, and not inspirational. Draw a line between politics and Development.

My two cents advice :

  1. The current cabinet is not inspiring, and you may have to hunt for quality people in the corporate world, to make some replacements particularly in the Foreign Affairs, and Transport Ministry
  2. You need to appoint Strategic thinkers around you, to improve the quality of work around your office
  3. No inspiration within the current team. You need first hand information from the Independent Advisory Council, or from the general public
  4. Your PR team is not doing good job. There is need to manage perceptions, from within and outside world.
  5. On Foreign Affairs, you need a better understanding of what is required before any appointment.

Perhaps you may need to place a call on Dr Walter Mzembi. He can deliver the best. He are the following names thrown on the market :

  1. Dr Walter Mzembi ( preferred first option)
  2. Dr Arikana Chihombori
  3. Stuart Harold Comberbach ( Former Ambassador to Italy)
  4. Pettina Gappa
  5. Kirsty Coventry
  6. Dr Nigel Chanakira
  7. Ben Manyenyeni ( Former Mayor of Harare)

It is important that you study this list before making any considerations.

  1. On Stembiso Nyoni, you need to look for replacement. It is time to study the global economy, paradigm shift, the world is looking young, with the advancement of technology, it is important to retire some of your cdes on national interest, and consider what is known to be the best for our country. We have so many women who can deliver in Women Affairs and Small Medium Enterprises area
  2. You need to shelve the G40, Lacoste and MDC tag, and bring everyone on board. We have the likes of Mirriam Chikukwa, Walter Mzembi, and many others who did a good job, and they can be considered for key roles in Government
  3. We need a strong Research and Development office to study the variances of Covid-19 pandemic. Government must consider this as a priority to cater for the Economic implications of this virus
  4. We need a proper Economic Recovery framework ( plan).
  5. Gonna are the days, where Zimbabwe survives on handouts, it’s time to creat employment, sound Development Policy, build stronger Institutions, and increase Foreign Direct Investment. The culture of handouts must stop.
  6. We need proper Policy direction of Zimbabwe. There are too many inconsistencies on policy formulation and coordination
  7. Succession Policy is very critical.
  8. There is need for review in Judiciary Service Commission.
  9. Involve captains of industry, Business Community, Researchers and many others in Strategic Thinking around the current trajectory.
  10. You need to widen the scope of Covid-19 taskforce. The current one is not inspiring. You will loose nothing, by picking a taskforce from the Corporate World.
  11. You need to turn the Government into a commercial brand.
  12. The image of the Government need to improve on a number of areas.
  13. Human Rights obligations is key and fundamental. Zim is once again under spotlight checks.
  14. A serious reshuffle is long over due. This time around, you have to reshuffle everything. No inspiration for now. Consider this statement once again.
  15. Redirection of expenditure to the main sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, Infrastructure Development, tourism, mining and industry is very important.
  16. Seperate politics and Development. More energy and focus must be on Development. More resources must be channeled towards growth of our country.
  17. Every Political player must be treated with respect, and this will build investor’s confidence.
  18. Investment Policy must be reviewed.
  19. You need to set up an Economic Independent Taskforce, to strengthen our Economic Recovery plan ahead of 2030 vision
  20. Replace museum with a State of the Art hospital, near Warren Park 1. Consider a State of the Art hospital with world class medical facility
  21. Old buildings must be replaced with proper Infrastructure Development plan.
  22. Legacy is an important factor. You need to be remembered after you leave office. By now , there must be Hospitals, Universities, schools, spaghetti roads which should be named
    after you.

NB: Constructive criticism is an eye-opener to your leadership and it strengthens your capacity to deliver the best for our country

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST, and he can be contacted at [email protected]

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