How I really feel after my second Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shot today?

Tourism Safety Expert received his second Moderna vaccine and is telling his story.

  1. Dr. Peter Tarlow is a world famous expert in travel and tourism safety and security
  2. Dr. Tarlow received his first Moderna shot three weeks ago without incident
  3. Today Dr. Tarlow received his second shot. Will he still recommend for others to follow his lead and get vaccinated. How does he feel – and how did it go? Listen to his testimony.

Dr. Peter Tarlow is the co-founder of the World Tourism Network, and he leads Safer Tourism, department of the Travel News Group.

For 3 decades Dr. Tarlow consulted tourism ministers in countries around the world. He helped major hotel groups in safety and security projects and training. He also trained police departments in tourism sensitivity and is a Chaplin for the College Station, Texas police.

As a spiritual advisor in crisis situations, he was one of the first in Texas to receive the Moderna COVID-19 shot three weeks ago. The vaccine shot went without incident, and today Dr. Tarlow drove 90 miles to get his final and second shot.

Before he went, Peter talked to many others and learned about their experience. He was ready for side effects, that can include

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Chills
  • Tiredness
  • Headache

How did it really feel? Dr. Tarlow was worried about driving home after the procedure and took his wife, just in case.

His testimony will provide more information also for those undecided to get the vaccine.

Will Dr. Tarlow recommend for others to follow his footsteps and get this live-saving shot? He will tell you in today’s eTurboNews update. Listen to the video.

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