Guide to famous Monte Carlo casinos on the French Riviera

Monaco is the playground of the rich and famous, nestled on the French Riviera and boasts a unique history.

Many know it as a tax haven, and a place for high rollers to enjoy the very best casinos in Europe. What few understand is that the casinos were there first, and the status as a tax haven only exists because of the revenue they produced.

Once upon a time, Monaco was a busy port known as the “Den of Thieves”, and it would not have attracted the rich and famous from anywhere. In 1858, the Blanc Brothers opened a casino there, looking to replicate the success they enjoyed in Germany. Hello Monaco describes how it was a roaring success, and by 1869, the region stopped collecting income tax from its residents.

That means that a trip to the casinos of Monaco is far more than a lavish weekend at the tables, but a dive into the history of the area. At least that is what you can tell yourself as you enjoy these four lavish and exciting facilities.

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