United Airlines on Fire: Denver-Honolulu UA328

The engine is on fire. Passengers on UA 328 sitting on the right side of the Boeing 777 watched with horrors the right engine of the aircraft on fire and falling apart while they are trying to gain height and speed after tale off in Denver for their flight to Honolulu

  1. UA 328 in trouble. Right engine is on fire and is falling apart
  2. Boeing 777 engine parts spread for miles in Broomfield, Illinois close to Chicago O’Hare Airport
  3. Denver-Honolulu flight cut short, pilot consider a hero able to land this crippled plane safely in Denver,

This United Airlines Pilot is a hero. Experts call it nothing short of a miracle, that a major aviation disaster was avoided today, after United Airlines flight UA 328 returned to Denver International Airport and landed safely.

An explosion like sound occurred shortly after take off , but UA328, a Boeing 777, after dropping debris was able to turn the crippled aircraft around and return with the left hand engine to Denver International Airport on one engine.

Passengers deplaned on the runway and many may have not realized how short they escaped a disaster.

“Michelle tweeted: Flight 328 United engine caught fire. My parents are on this flight everyone’s okay though!”

United Airlines Boeing 777-200 (N772UA was built 1994) experienced serious failure of engine #2 (right engine) after take-off at Denver Intl Airport (KDEN), CO on flight UA328 to Honolulu.

Several large engine parts fell into a Broomfield, Illinois neighborhood. There are no reports of damages but no injuries at this time.

UA 328 is a non-stop flight and took off from Denver today for a non stop flight to Honolulu, Hawaii

“An eyewitness said: I was on Davidson Mesa when I heard what sounded like a sonic boom. It was a large jet heading into the low clouds. It started to descend and make a left turn. I assumed it was heading back to Denver. That the boom had come from one of the engines. I’m glad everyone was safe.”

“A resident in Broomfield told local media. I saw raining metal. “

Airline parts were spread over miles and caught in trees and front yards. First responders told residents not to touch anything.

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