Anguilla updates public health protocols for visitors

Application fees and stay-in-place requirements to be reduced for fully-vaccinated persons.

  1. Anguilla is safely transitioning the island which will revitalize the economy.
  2. Distribution and administration of vaccine programs in Anguilla have profound implications for tourism in the territory.
  3. Some new health protocols will take effect immediately while others will take place in phases.

Anguilla’s Executive Council has approved a COVID-19 Exit Strategy, comprising a series of revised entry protocols, some of which will become effective immediately, while others will be introduced in phases over the coming months. The strategy is designed to safely transition the island from this extended period of economic contraction towards generating the business activity needed to revitalize the economy.

“We recognize that the widespread distribution and administration of vaccine programs in our major source markets as well as here in Anguilla have profound implications for our tourism industry,” stated the Hon. Minister of Tourism, Mr. Haydn Hughes.  “As more people become vaccinated, and new infections begin to plateau, we believe that revisiting and updating our entry protocols is merited at this time.  As always, the health and protection of both our visitors and our residents is paramount, and we are once again taking a phased approach to the full and safe reopening of our island.”

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