Parks Canada Launches New Podcast

Today, Parks Canada unveils its latest offering, an engaging new podcast series entitled ReCollections. This innovative audio experience, comprising five initial episodes, invites listeners from Canada and beyond to explore the captivating stories behind various national historic sites. Delve into Canada’s rich natural and cultural heritage as you uncover these cherished treasures with Parks Canada’s immersive podcast experience.

Each episode involves a variety of interviews with experts from across the country, exploring the sites and stories that bring history to life at these treasured places. Listeners will take a journey of national historic significance. From a sacred Haida village in Gwaii Haanas, where the rainforest meets the wild Pacific Ocean; to Northern Newfoundland, home to the ruins of a Norse settlement dating back to the Viking age; with a stop in Dawson City, the epicentre of the Klondike Gold Rush, where Parks Canada owns a building that was a former brothel, a unique example of a female-owned and operated business in the northern boomtown; and the story of Canada’s first known Black business woman, Marie Marguerite Rose, who endured enslavement and found freedom at the Fortress of Louisbourg; and finally, a quarantine island in the Saint-Lawrence, the gateway for 4 million immigrants enroute to new lives in North America.


“Parks Canada is known worldwide as a leader in conservation, but we do much more than that. Together with partners, we also commemorate the people, places, and events that have shaped what we now call Canada. With our new history podcast ReCollections, we are pleased to provide additional opportunities for Canadians and people from across the world to discover some of the national historic sites that Parks Canada helps to protect and learn more about the diverse natural and cultural heritage in Canada.”

Ron Hallman

President and Chief Executive Officer for Parks Canada

Quick Facts

• Parks Canada protects a vast network of cultural and natural heritage places that include 171 national historic sites, 47 national parks, five national marine conservation areas and one national urban park.

• National historic sites reflect the rich and varied heritage of Canada and provide an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about our diverse history, including the histories, cultures, and contributions of all peoples.

• Parks Canada is committed to ensuring that Canadians have opportunities to learn about the full scope of our shared history, including the difficult periods that are part of our past. Parks Canada-administered places strive to provide a comprehensive and balanced overview of Canada’s history which incorporates different perspectives.

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