GoGo! Guam Summer Campaign Launches in Japan

The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has announced it has launched its “GOGO! Guam Summer Campaign” in the Japan market.

This is a result of the country’s downgrade in travel restrictions that went into effect on April 29.

“Our campaign is tied to Japan’s formal May 8th announcement that its overseas travel season will start due to the lifting of travel restrictions,” said GVB President & CEO Carl T.C. Gutierrez. “This decision complements increased flights to the island this summer with United Airlines and scheduled air service from Japan Airlines. We’re excited to unify our efforts to achieve full recovery of the Japan market and show that we’re ready to welcome back all of our visitors to Destination Guam.”

A press conference was held to introduce the summer campaign for over 20 different Japanese media on April 25 that was led by President & CEO Gutierrez. The coverage and total media value of the event is about $1.3 million dollars. Japanese TV drama series actor Nobuyuki Suzuki also made a guest appearance for the summer campaign launch and won a golf game during the press event for a roundtrip ticket with accommodations to Guam.

Suzuki remarked:

“Guam is a pleasant resort area, just 3.5 hours from Narita Airport, surrounded by the sea and nature, and you can go anywhere you like. I’m sure I’ll want to return to Guam as soon as I visit!”

Summer deals for GVB members

To entice more Japanese travelers to visit Guam, GVB is encouraging its members to participate in the different phases of the summer campaign. So far, more than 50 GVB members are already offering discounts and special deals for visitors through September. Another portion of the campaign will have a digital program that begins in July that will reach up to 5,000 visitors. For more information on GVB membership participation, contact GVB membership coordinator Taylor Pangilinan at [email protected] or call 671-646-5278.

Guam to join 20+ countries for JTA event

Additionally, GVB will be attending a Japan Travel Agency (JTA) event that will be jointly held with the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Tokyo on May 10. Guam was among 24 different countries that were invited by JTA.

Nobuyuki Suzuki, Japanese TV Actor, and Carl T.C. Gutierrez, GVB President and CEO

The press event is to announce promotional measures for overseas travel and strengthen cooperation with other countries for full-fledged recovery of tourism. The event is also in line with the anticipated announcement on May 11 that the United States will be lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Moreso, JATA is prioritizing destinations like Guam for important overseas projects that stimulate demand and encourage first time travel such as the Passport Acquisition Program. This JATA project supports the acquisition and renewal of new passports as recent data from Japan has shown a 20% drop in acquisitions due to the pandemic.

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