Quebec: New Investments to Support Tourism

Quebec will invest an additional $214 million to support tourism industry and its growth in 2023, announced the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx.

Of this amount, $210 million will be distributed over three years to continue the development of various tourist attractions in Quebec. This includes renewing the Support Program for the Development of Tourist Attractions, where $60 million will be available annually through loans and loan guarantees.

The Assistance Program for the Recovery of the Tourism Industry is increased by $30 million. In addition, $4 million has been allocated to extend the Explore Québec on the road program, the deadline of which has been postponed to March 31, 2025. The program envelope, therefore, reaches $17 million for this year.

“The tourism industry is an important driver of economic development for Quebec. We believe in it, and that is why we are investing in it. We want to put this sector back on the list of Quebec’s main export products, increase tourism spending by international visitors, and double spending on business tourism,” the minister said.

“To do this, we are working with all of our partners, particularly within the framework of our annual meetings, to face the industry’s current challenges and to adopt a strategy for sustainable tourism growth in Quebec.”

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