The Flash Trailer: Barry Allen’s Worlds Collide in New DC Comics Time-Hopping Movie

Upcoming superhero movie The Flash just got its final trailer, ahead of its premiere on June 16. Marking a reset point for the DC Universe, the film has been long-gestating at Warner Bros., enduring a bunch of ups and downs, including lead Ezra Miller’s run-ins with law enforcement last year. The new trailer, however, seems to spoil the beginning segments of the much-awaited movie, as Barry Allen cracks open the multiverse with his new-found time travel abilities and reunites with his parents. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne gets more screentime in this trailer, though there’s no indication of whether he will meet up with the alternate Michael Keaton version in the film.

The trailer for The Flash opens with our titular hero being cheered on by random kids on the street before getting called in to see Bruce Wayne (Affleck) in person. It’s unclear why The Flash seems reluctant to meet him, but he’s too timid to say no. “So you’re saying you can travel back in time?”, Wayne asks Allen (Miller), presumably to see if those powers could be used for the benefit of Earth. “But Bruce, I can fix things. I could save people. I could save my mom. I could save your parents,” he tells Wayne, who holds onto the belief that messing with time could be catastrophic.

The Flash trailer then cuts to show Allen sprinting back in time to see his mom (Maribel Verdú), who died on the same fateful night that he got his superhuman powers. Of course, his father Henry Allen (Ron Livingston) is at the kitchen table as well, having been falsely arrested on suspicion of murder back then.

The reunited family start chatting about Barry’s school life, to which he responds with “good” in a really corny manner — one that’s enough to pique suspicion from his mother. However, it appears as if Barry didn’t plan out his time travel mission fully, as the alternate timeline’s Barry slowly makes his way towards the house. The pair meet upstairs in Barry’s room, agreeing on how trippy the entire affair is. “Dude, this is catastrophic,” the future Barry explains in The Flash trailer. We then skip to General Zod’s (Michael Shannon) arrival on Earth with the intention of destroying it — an Earth without metahumans, so there’s no Superman to save the day this time. Soon after, our heroic pair meet up with this timeline’s version of the Kryptonian hero — Supergirl (Sasha Calle), who agrees to help on the mission and goes head-to-head in combat with the villainous Zod.

“Interesting group,” an older Wayne (Keaton) says, presumably coming out from retirement. “Want some help?” He also seems quite charitable, handing out one of his suits to the alternate Barry to spraypaint it and turn it into a makeshift Flash suit. As for how this timeline’s Barry gained powers is a bit unclear for now, but he seems capable enough to stay toe-to-toe with the more advanced superheroes in the battle against Zod. Despite being old, Keaton’s Batman is fully combat-ready in The Flash trailer, easily fending for himself against mercenaries by smoothly gliding in and dispatching them one after the other.

The trailer ends with a montage of Earth’s heroes working together, with The Flash spinning in place and sending out a mini tornado to hunt down enemies. Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West, who first appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is also seen towards the end, making a keen observation that Barry has got some really ‘fancy friends’.

The Flash speeds into theatres worldwide on June 16.

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