Amerijet International Airlines Reaches Deal with ALPA Pilots

Today, pilots at Amerijet, represented by the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), voted in favor of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The vote comes after Amerijet’s leadership team and ALPA agreed to the terms, which include new pay rates and work rules that would increase schedule flexibility.

“I want to thank the negotiating teams and ALPA for their efforts in reaching this agreement that recognizes our pilots’ contributions,” said Amerijet’s CEO, Tim Strauss. “The union agreement will provide job security for our pilots and allows us to focus on the future with our vision to be the go-to-world-class cargo carrier of choice.”

“This new contract reiterates what many of us have known for decades, Amerijet is a great place to work and spend a career as a pilot,” added Amerijet’s Chief Pilot, Mike Meyer.

Amerijet has rapidly grown its fleet during the past three years and now operates a fleet of 24 Boeing 757 and 767 cargo jets as it expands its scheduled service and subcontracted flights to Europe and Asia.

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