Enormous Demand: Russia Resumes Passenger Flights to Cuba

Enormous Demand: Russia Resumes Passenger Flights to Cuba


Russian carriers completely halted their regular passenger flights to Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic in February of 2022, due to the bans imposed by the European Union on the use of its airspace, shortly after Russia launched its unprovoked and brutal war of aggression against Ukraine.

But today, Russia’s Aeroflot group announced that Aeroflot’s subsidiary, Rossiya Airlines, is resuming scheduled passenger flights to Cuba after an over a year-long suspension.

First scheduled Rossiya Airlines flight bound for the Cuban resort of Varadero departed from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport early today.

Rossiya Air flights are scheduled to depart for Cuba twice a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays, with one more to be added by September of this year.

According to carrier’s official representative, the demand for tickets is “enormous,” with each scheduled flight nearly 100% booked.

In May of this year, Russia’s government officials announced that regular flights to Cuba skirting the airspace of “unfriendly” countries would resume by July. According to the officials, the number of direct charter flights to Cuba would also be raised so “citizens of Russian Federation can have a year-round opportunity for a beach holiday in a friendly country.”

Charter flights from Russia to Cuba are currently also operated by Russian low-cost carrier Nordwind, which flies to Varadero and the island of Cayo Coco.

Rossiya Airlines, sometimes branded as Rossiya—Russian Airlines, is one of the oldest and largest air carriers of the Russian Federation. It was founded on 7 May 1934. It is a part of Aeroflot Group. Rossiya is the largest and the base carrier of Pulkovo Airport.

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