LA Hotels: Unlawful Union Strike Hurt Los Angeles Tourism

LA Hotels: Unlawful Union Strike Hurt Los Angeles Tourism


44 Los Angeles and Orange County-area hotels have filed Unfair Labor Practice Charges against the UNITE HERE, Local 11 with the National Labor Relations Board.

The Coordinated Bargaining Group, which represents the hotels negotiating with the Union, filed these Charges because the Union has allegedly violated the law by striking over and conditioning a new contract on the Hotels agreeing to terms that have nothing to do with our employees and that could harm the Los Angeles tourism industry.

The Union continues to insist that Hotels must agree to support a ballot measure to house the homeless together with other hotel guests, impose a 7 percent tax on guests of unionized hotels and grow Local 11 in locations outside of Los Angeles.

“Insisting that these provisions must be in any contract settlement and striking to include them is not only unlawful, but it is also a real obstacle to reaching agreement on a contract,” said Keith Grossman, spokesperson for the Coordinated Bargaining Group.

“If the Union really wanted an agreement to help the employees, it would have dropped these issues long ago instead of taking employees out on strike over them.”

Local 11 also is engaging in unfair labor practices by refusing to bargain in good faith and refusing to provide documentation relating to its demands. For example, the Union is falsely claiming that the Coordinated Bargaining Group’s proposal may not secure employees’ health care for the next four years.

“It is not surprising the Union is refusing to provide any proof to back up its health care statements and demands as well as information regarding its other proposals,” Grossman said. “The documentation we have requested would show that the Union’s public claims are simply incorrect. Our proposal ensures that the employees’ Health Care Fund will be able to provide quality affordable health care coverage to employees and their families for the next four years.”

“The information we are seeking from Local 11 is obviously important and necessary to the bargaining, and it is unfortunate that the Union is more focused on strikes and its political agenda than on bargaining in good faith.”

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