A Toilet in Hong Kong Could Safe Your Life

HK Toilet


The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is not only ready for more world-class conventions, but it will also roll out a new AI Life Sense Alert System in 61 accessible toilets.

This may sound ironic, especially in a country like China, where surveillance is a reality anywhere, but it may put this habit to acceptable use.

The first phase of installation covering 10 accessible toilets has been completed. The installation of the remaining 51 toilets will be completed by the end of July.

The system can detect a toilet user’s posture (active or static; seated or lying down) and collect motion value for AI-enabled analysis to identify if a fall/accident has taken place or the toilet user has become motionless. In the event of an identified accident, the system will send out an alert within 5 seconds via hand-held devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

However, only in the AI alerts is the data preprocessed and initially analyzed before a human gets it–stripped of the noise and chaos usually seen in the raw data. Unlike in less sophisticated systems, AI-powered solutions deliver pattern-based, rather than triggered, alerting.

Staff will be able to locate the toilet and get there as soon as possible. At the same time, the security control room will also receive the alert to allow for rapid additional manpower deployment. 

The system will facilitate the provision of assistance to visitors in need within the critical life-saving golden timeframe. The AI Life Sense Alert System has already been introduced in public hospitals. 

The AI Life Sense Alert System also provides humidity, temperature, and air quality readings, facilitating monitoring of the environment in the accessible toilets and adjustment of cleaning frequency to enhance visitor experience and efficiency.

HML has been pioneering the application of artificial intelligence and robotics to continuously enhance its operations and service. In addition to offering 5G service with 100% coverage of the entire HKCEC, HML has introduced 5G smart security robots and smart cleaning robots – also a green measure in light of its water conservation feature.

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