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The 350 year-old ancient Balram Mandir at Panjtirthi, Jammu

The temple is built for the deity Balrama who is the elder brother of Lord Krishna and he is regarded as one of the avatars of Sheshnaga. Lord Balrama is considered as the God of fertility and agriculture. He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the people who have Kaalsarpa Dosha in their kundils can get rid of it by worshipping Lord Balrama. These things have negative implications on one’s life; this malefic dosha also results in loss in business, family problems, death etc.

The temple is also known for doing Kaal Sarp Yog Pooja which is done to counter the agonies in the life. The puja is supposed to be done for 21 days by reciting different mantras. Kaal Sarp Dosha creates a multitude of problems in a person’s life as per Indian astrology.

According to an old legend, one day the king saw snakes in his dream and this process continued for several weeks due to which thought of consulting a priest. After talking to the priest, it is said that the saint advised the king to construct a temple at this particular area. As soon as the construction of the temple was started, the snakes in the dreams started to disappear.

The name Balram was given because of the fact that the deity believed to have great strength. The puja ceremonies are organised in the temple especially on Raksha bandhan because it is said that Lord Balrama was born under Shravana nakshatra in Shraavana purnima or Raksha bandhan . The maintenance of the temple is done by Dharmarth Trust.