Stormlikes’ auto-likes is the newest way to get real followers on Instagram

What is the first thing you’d do if you upload a photo on Instagram, and you get a like from someone you neither know nor follow?

Let me guess; you’ll probably want to find out who the person is.

Now imagine that said person likes your second post, your third post, your fourth post, and on and on.

Your next reaction will most definitely be, “Who the heck is this guy who always likes my posts?”

One day or another, you’ll most likely decide to check the person’s profile.

When you do, imagine you find that the type of content on their profile is exactly what you like to see in your feed; what do you think you’ll do immediately?

Hit the follow button!

That simple analogy is the logic behind how people use “AUTOLIKES” to gain new followers.

What is Instagram Autolikes?

Instagram autolikes is a type of like generated when you use machines to automatically like people’s posts.

We’re all used to the habit of using machines to complete our daily tasks. From washing our dishes to doing our laundry, gardening to home cleaning, office chores to commuting, and so much more in between.

In the same vein, we can use machines to engage and interact with audiences on Instagram, too. These machines are known as autolikers, and Stormlikes uses one of them to generate autolikes for customers.

How does an autoliker work?

An autoliker works by using a single-use log-in token to your account and then likes as many posts as it can during the specified duration.

How does the process of autoliking work with Stormlikes?

When you buy automatic instagram likes from Stormlikes, what they do is that they automatically like series of posts on your behalf (under your account name).

As you may have guessed, the types of posts they like will be determined by some custom-parameters chosen by you, such as geographic location, sex, niche, age, etc.

For example, if by the time you’re buying autolikes you tell Stormlikes you’re buying autolikes for male sneakerheads in New Jersey between the age group 12 – 34 years. Only people within this demographic description will be targeted.

Also, the number of posts they like will depend on how many autolikes you buy and the duration of the package you buy (that is, for how long do you want us to keep liking posts for you).

Benefits of buying Instagram autolikes and how those benefits translate to more followers

  1. Saves you time and effort

Even if you have all the time in the world, there’s a limit to how far you can scour Instagram for posts from accounts you don’t follow. Luckily, an autoliker tool doesn’t have this limitation.

Instead of spending hours every day searching through Instagram for useful posts to like and engage with, an autoliker can use your custom parameters and like photos for you. 

As long as you’ve provided the system with some custom parameters to work with, an autoliker won’t stop scouring Instagram for posts relevant to those parameters until it’s reached the number of autolikes you paid for.

How does this translate to followers?

When you engage with the posts of someone who doesn’t know you, they will want to find out who you are.

And since Stormlikes autolikes are designed to help you like posts of people who share similar interests with you, chances are when these people come to find out about you, they’ll like your content, and because of that, they’ll hit the follow button.

  • Exposes you to newer audiences

Common sense tells us that the more new posts one is able to engage with, the more new people you become exposed to.

For example, let’s imagine an autoliker helps you like 150 new posts in a day. You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that that’s 150 new people you’ve gotten exposed to.

A new audience!

How does this translate to followers?

Out of this 150, chances are at least half will want to find out about you. To do that, they’ll click on your name and come to your profile. When they get there, they’ll see your posts, and since it’s likely going to be something they like, they’ll hit the follow button.

  • Helps you maintain a consistent engagement

Imagine you scoured Instagram today and stumbled on 10 new interesting accounts, which you liked their posts and followed. What’s the guarantee you’ll be online the next time these people make new posts?

The chances are pretty slim, if not non-existent!

Meaning that if you’re engaging with communities all by yourself, there’s a huge chance you might not be online on the day an account you’ve engaged with in the past might make a new post.

Luckily, an autoliker doesn’t face this challenge. They are always online to like and interact with posts. If they like a post by 11 A.M. today, and the creator of that post creates another post by 2 A.M. tomorrow night, they’ll like it again, as long as the duration of their service hasn’t expired.

How does this translate to followers?

It’s almost impossible that you’ll like someone’s posts on multiple occasions, and they won’t care to check out who you are. If not for anything, at least to check who the heck this stranger stalking their posts is.

Luckily, with autoliking, you can like multiple posts from one person.

Consequently, this person might decide to return the gesture by following you. Or they may take notice of you, check you out, and follow you in the process.

When you like someone’s posts, they too will like your posts. Maybe not everybody, but I’m pretty sure some people will always return the gesture.

Having multiple likes on your posts is obviously a good social proof that tells people that others are appreciating and interacting with your posts.

How does this translate to followers?

When people see that a post is getting lots of likes and interactions, they, too, will want to interact with it. Meaning the number of likes on the post grows.

As a result, this post gets catapulted into the Instagram Explore Page.

Remember, when a post gets a lot of likes, it also gradually climbs into the Instagram explore page.

Once you’re on this page, you become exposed to hundreds of thousands of users, many of whom might be happy to follow you.

How to ensure autoliking will always bring you followers

To make sure autoliking will always work for you – that is, bring in new followers – you need to make sure of two things.

  • Ensure you have quality and catchy content that will almost always pique people’s interests. It doesn’t matter the number of autolikes you buy; if the content people see when they visit your page isn’t enticing, they won’t follow you.
  • Ensure you’re buying autolikes for people who have shared interests with you. We already established time and again that those you interact with (like their posts) are likely going to check out your profile. But the one thing that will make sure they hit the follow button when they come to your profile is if they find that your content aligns with their interests.

Conclusion We can say that social media is the changing the technology and it’s so smart that it is playing with people’s interest and mind today. We can’t predict the future. But, autolikes is one of the trending topic nowadays. What will be coming in the

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