Dangerous and even deadly travel destinations

There are a lot of places in the world that are worth visiting. People who have an enormous wanderlust want to explore every corner of the globe. However, some of the places have to be avoided. Scroll down below and find the selection of the most dangerous destinations that you need to cross out from your list of places to visit.

Death Valley

It is a very popular spot among tourists who are open to adventures. The valley attracts a lot of travelers because it’s the hottest place in the world. The temperature of the air is scorching and can reach 134 °F (56.7 °C). Even a short period spent under the sun in this place can be deadly dangerous.

The valley’s name is self-describing. A lot of people died there because of dehydration or heat stroke. If you’re planning to visit the valley, you shouldn’t go alone. It’s vital to keep some friends who will help you in case of any emergency. Also, you have to bring a lot of water. It’s the primary resource that will help you not to die.

Anyway, it’s a very popular destination, especially among students. Some of them delegate their homework to writing experts via this link –  and head to Death Valley for one day.

Snake Island

It is a small island on the coast of Brazil. It’s prohibited to visit the island due to the large number of dangerous snakes that live there. These days, no humans live on the island as it’s almost impossible not to be attacked by poisonous snakes there.

A lighthouse is the only building on the island. Hover, there are no keepers. The facility is automated to keep people safe from snakes. Even if you’re a fearless traveler who wants to explore this island illegally, you should know that a chance to survive there is very low.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

The destination looks very attractive and calm in photos. However, the place is very dangerous due to its flora. It’s forbidden to touch local plants. Otherwise, you will likely get allergic reactions and start itching. Even a small scratch or wound can lead to a dangerous blood infection.

Even if you’re a doctor or a medical student who doesn’t get help with nursing essays, discard any ideas of visiting this place. You won’t get any help in the park. Also, you will hardly be evacuated in case of any emergency.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been a war-torn country for so long so that tourists shouldn’t visit it. Yet, there are still a lot of conflicts. US and EU soldiers don’t help the government to control and manage the country anymore. As a result, terrorist groups control the city and can commit any crime without taking any responsibility. Bombing, kidnapping, shooting, and other types of criminal and terrorist activity are common there.

Acapulco, Mexico

Even though it’s safe to travel in Mexico, the city is not in travel guides anymore. Gangs turned this luxurious resort area into one of the most dangerous places for tourists. The city has one of the highest murdering rates in the world. Tourists who come to this place are advised not to leave the safe area of their hotels.

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Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

These islands look like a paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Some tourists may consider it a great spot to get lost and spend a glorious weekend. Despite the attractive landscape, it is a radioactive wasteland that has to be precluded. Nuclear testing programs made locals leave their homes forever as it’s unsafe to live on the island anymore.


Mount Huashan

The mountain’s peak can be reached using the only path built by people who didn’t know the word “safety.” Those who decide to challenge themselves and use the path to explore the mountain have to be 100% fearless. The path needs people to get through vertical slopes, creepy hand-made wooden lanes, and small levels. Even though there is a safety chain attached to the rocks, even a small mistake or incorrect step can lead to fatal circumstances.

Recommendation for Tourists

The list above is not a selection of destinations to tease your nerves and evoke new emotions. Each of the destinations is very dangerous for tourists and shouldn’t be visited in any case. However, if you don’t want to be an ordinary tourist who follows travelers’ guides, don’t forget to get insurance before your trip. Also, bring some extra cash, a second phone, and copies of documents.

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