Cutting-Edge Technologies for Average Users

How would you look if I were a boy? A princess? A cat? Will this dress suit me? Does this color match my eyes? Stop thinking — just check it out!

Do you want to imagine yourself as a super star? Or maybe you thought about changing your hairstyle, like Angelina Jolie has? I know what can help you! The ability to replace face in photos is highly sought-after nowadays for personal and professional needs, but enthusiasts can get it simpler and easier than ever before.

How would you look if I were a boy? A princess? A cat? Will this dress suit me? Does this color match my eyes? Stop thinking — just check it out! 

RetouchMe Functionality

You can download different softwares from your Google Play or Apple Store, but you will do everything by yourself. The Retouch Me app is an exclusive one in the market — this is an excellent detail-oriented program. Everything will be done by experts, not by you. Special attention is paid to the photo background, your skin tone, your hair, make up, and even to your clothes! All the things will be perfectly performed — this is the main reason why several customers give their preference to RetouchMe. 

The big plus of this program is that you can change not only images, but videos too. You can add filters, effects and other essentials. I bet your friends will be shocked — they won’t tell if it is an original photo/video or not!

How to Choose Source Photos

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Average Users

Without a doubt, results won’t be that impressive as expected, if the original photos selected for further manipulations lack in quality. Even the most advanced program ever won’t be able to cope with this challenge perfectly, so this task is up to you. Your attention to details will help get a realistic image in the end. To make a collage look natural, don’t hesitate to consider the following recommendations:

  •  The similarity of face angles on both photos are extremely important. Pick up pictures with as close angles as possible.
  •  It would be better to skip photos where hands, hair or other objects interfere with facial details.
  •  It is not advised to mix up images with artificial and natural light. if you do such a thing, it will require further manipulations to make the image look natural.
  •  The resolution of the photos has to be the same to avoid any potential risks of unsatisfactory results.

When you aren’t sure whether the chosen photos are compatible enough, just give a try to one change to understand how the program works and where the accents will be placed.

Access to Services

One retouched photo costs 99 cents, or it can be paid online by making tasks. 

It is very easy to use it:

  •  download the app;
  •  choose a photo to change;
  •  decide what option to use (in our case – face change);
  •  send it to our designers directly in the app;
  •  wait a couple of minutes and receive a cool outcome.

If you are out of humor — this is the best way to cheer yourself up. Besides, it is a nice way to test your imagination and sense of harmony and balance. By mixing the details of different images, consumers are welcome to get inspiration for new designs and projects, especially if they are occupied in this field professionally.

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