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The Kerala Story is based on three girls, Shalini Unnikrishnan (Adah Sharma), Nimah (Yogita Bihani) and Gitanjali (Siddhi Idnani). They are studying in a collage in Kerala and live in the same hostel. The three become friends with Asifa (Sonia Balani), who brainwashes them and urges them to embrace Islam.

Shalini and Gitanjali, over a period of time, also fall in love with two Muslim guys, Rameez (Pranay Pachauri) and Abdul (Pranav Mishra) and get into a relationship with them. After the two girls get physical with their respective boyfriends, Shalni gets pregnant with Rameez’s child. She believes that Rameez will marry her but he leaves her in the lurch.

The religious leader under whose leadership Asifa, Rameez and Abdul carry out their activities suggests that Shalini marries Ishak (Vijay Krishna). As Ishak is also ready to accept Rameez’s child as his own, she agrees to marry him. But this is just the start of a harrowing journey for Shalini. Will the turmoil ever end for her?

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