Press Release: Top 10 Christmas Markets in Europe

When the magical Christmas time comes, Tourism Review editorial team creates a brand new publication related to the holiday events or specific destinations. This year it was decided to publish ‘Top 10 Christmas Markets around Europe’.

There are many incredibly beautiful and cozy markets in small and medium size European cities as well as well-established and widely known Christmas fairs. The task to choose the best ones is thus incredibly difficult.

A number of options are available, the most obvious ones are – voting by internet users and the editorial choice. After a thorough discussion, we considered the first option as the less objective one since most voters would opt for their very own or nearby Christmas market.

Most people rarely visit more than two markets during the holiday and therefore cannot assess the other ones, particularly those located far away. As a result, the editorial choice was selected and the editors had an opportunity to compare Christmas markets of various size, number of visitors, and attractions on offer.

More than 40 Christmas markets around Europe were evaluated by the Tourism Review international editorial team considering a number of criteria.

Unfortunately, in the rank, which was originally published on Dec 7, the Christmas Market in Gdansk, Poland was mistakenly included since essential data from one of the sources was not taken into account. While the market received a relatively high score, it was not enough to reach the top 10 list.

Tourism Review would like to deeply apologize to our Polish colleagues, specifically those from Gdansk.

The correct version of the ‘Top 10 Christmas Markets around Europe’ is up since Dec 10 and could be found here:–news4821

We wish to all our readers great experience when visiting any of the Christmas markets this year and happy holidays.



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