Revolutions in Science – Scientific American


Science, Upended
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1: Biology & Evolution

1.1 Life Springs

by Martin J. Van Kranendonk, David W. Deamer and Tara Djokic

1.2 The True Colors of Dinosaurs

by Jakob Vinther

1.3 The New Origins of Technology

by Kate Wong

1.4 The Meaning of Lichen

by Erica Gies

1.5 The Perfect Beast

by Aditee Mitra

Section 2: Cosmos

2.1 Solar System Smashup

by Linda T. Elkins-Tanton

2.2 Black Holes from the Beginning of Tıme

by Juan García-Bellido and Sébastien Clesse

Section 3: Health

3.1 The Exercise Paradox

by Herman Pontzer

3.2 The New Migraine Meds

by David Noonan

3.3 Ebola’s Second Coming

by Seema Yasmin

Section 4: Mind

4.1 The Brain, Reimagined

by Douglas Fox

4.2 Memory’s Intricate Web

by Alcino J. Silva

4.3 Language in a New Key

by Paul Ibbotson and Michael Tomasello

Section 5: Unsolved Questions

5.1 The Puzzle of Dark Energy

by Adam G. Riess and Mario Livio

5.2 The Red Line

by Stephen S. Hall

5.3 Quantum Computers Compete

by Neil Savage

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