Seychelles Tourism Board unveils new tourism digital platform

Guiding the industry into the digital age, the Seychelles Tourism Board launches a new tourism digital platform named “ParrAPI” on Monday, April 12, 2021, at their Mont Fleuri Head Office.

  1. Seychelles Tourism launches cost-effective digital marketing to attract more online business.
  2. New platform provides more efficient approach to managing large amounts of listings and can feature more businesses.
  3. Tourism industry operators data available in multiple languages with images, videos, and current information in one central location.

New platform for Seychelles Tourism, ParrAPI, will help tourism operators across 12 categories to extend their exposure and ultimately attract more business online with cost-effective digital marketing.

With its name and logo inspired by the endemic black parrot, ParrAPI provides an innovative and effective solution to collect, check and share tourism information online.

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