Stressed Out: Causes, Effects and Keeping Calm

Section 1: Identifying Stress & Trauma

1.1 Sussing Out Stress

by Hermann Englert

1.2 Treating a Toxin to Learning

by Clancy Blair

1.3 The Trauma after the Storm

by Anna Harwood

Section 2: Effects on the Body & Immune System

2.1 The Danger of Stress

by Melinda Wenner

2.2 Fact or Fiction? Stress Causes Gray Hair

by Coco Ballantyne

2.3 Female Stress: A Faster, Stronger Response

by Debra A. Bangasser

2.4 Fight or Flight May Be in Our Bones

by Diana Kwon

Section 3: Effects on the Mind & Brain

3.1 This Is Your Brain in Meltdown

by Amy Arnsten, Carolyn M. Mazure & Rajita Sinha

3.2 Strain on the Brain

by Brian Mossop

3.3 Why Can’t Christine Blasey Ford Remember How She Got Home?

by Jim Hopper

3.4 Language Patterns Reveal Body’s Hidden Response to Stress

by Jo Marchant

Section 4: Burnout

4.1 Why Aren’t We Talking About Burnout?

by Krystal D’Costa

4.2 Conquering Burnout

by Michael P. Leiter & Christina Maslach

4.3 Frontline Trauma

by Jillian Mock

Section 5: Stress Management

5.1 Fight the Frazzled Mind

by Robert Epstein

5.2 How I Broke the Cycle of Stress

by Ashten Duncan

5.3 The Essence of Optimism

by Elaine Fox

5.4 Changing Our DNA through Mind Control?

by Bret Stetka

5.5 Mind of the Meditator

by Matthieu Ricard, Antoine Lutz & Richard J. Davidson

Section 6: Resilience: Aftermath

6.1 Ready for Anything

by Steven M. Southwick & Dennis S. Charney

6.2 The Neuroscience of True Grit

by Gary Stix

6.3 The Coronavirus and Post-Traumatic Growth

by Steve Taylor

6.4 COVID-19: The Biggest Psychological Experiment

by Lydia Denworth

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