Hidden Gem of Gothic Rap and R&B

Richie Uchiha’s musical prowess is reflected in his stunning and splendid rap and R&B tracks that meld the best beats with lyrics, presenting a striking

Richie UchihaUp-and-coming artist, songwriter and producer Richie Uchiha is one of the finest musicians of the Rap and Goth genre creating masterpieces through his musical composition which present rich and soulful mixes of Gothic Rap and R&B genres. His diverse album titled “Gothic” is one that was both praised critically and by fans of the genre as being a unique and stunning masterpiece in which he poured his thoughts and soul. Richie is also planning to release a second album titled “Gothic 2” which is set to release later this year- reflecting the grim and relatable mood that the year has been dominated with.

Richie Uchiha is unique and characteristic in his own way, such that his music and production isn’t just beats and hip music to vibe along to but also motivational messages that are poured through his musical compositions. Bringing about much-needed positivity and good energy to this often grim and moody genre, Richie Uchiha is a welcome addition to the genres of Goth and R&B music, set to establish himself among the legends. A true hidden gem, this underrated icon is one whose music takes one back to the roots of R&B music, exploring richness and beauty through lyricism and imparting and expounding on messages that are worth hearing and internalizing.

Richie Uchiha’s fresh new tracks and upcoming album will be available on all major streaming platforms on the 29th of March 2021. He is adamant and confident that fans listening to his music will be able to see his finesse and excellence in merging two rich genres meaningfully. Inspiring fans and other indie singers of the genre, Richie Uchiha plans to continue producing tracks that motivate and allow him to grow as a singer and human, soaring towards success.


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