How Global Tourism will Recover: A Lesson from Hawaii

Hawaii is an excellent example on how tourism can come back and may look like in the future. Frank Haas, a member of the World Tourism Network, and head of the Marketing Management Inc in Honolulu shares his research and approach for a global view on the future of the travel and tourism industry.

  1. What is driving tourism, pre – and post COVID is a presentation by WTN member and independent consultant Frank Haas, the former director of international marketing for the Hawaii Tourism Authority
  2. Some markets will recover sooner than others, but tourism will come back in a different way explains Frank Haas in a presentation recently made in Japan
  3. Technology and smart apps will take leading role in past covid recovery of the visitors industry

World Tourism Network recently invited Patricia Herman, Director of Marketing and Development of the Hawaii Tourism Authority. She made a presentation on the recent success in bringing tourism arrivals back to an almost normal level. John de Fries, the CEO of the HTA had a different concern reacting to a Hawaii Senate move last week in saying that Hawaiian Culture is once again reduced to a mere commodity that can be horse-traded.

Former HTA International Marketing director Frank Haas, who is now a consultant of the  Marketing Management, Inc. has a very realistic approach using Hawaii as an example also to the world and presented the following to a Hawaii Tourism discussion in Japan.

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