Ideal to kill coronavirus without damaging surface and clothes

Amazing Hygieia’s Ultrasonic Fogger releases dry mist with particulate size 1-5 microns, ideal to kill coronavirus without damaging surface and clothes…

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, January 31, 2021 / — The year 2020 made the world realize the intrinsic value of sanitization and all things hygiene! Disinfection is becoming increasingly vital in a multitude of residential and commercial applications and is proving to be a sizeable industry. With an aim to keep the Coronavirus pandemic in check, numerous sanitization and hygiene companies from countries across the world have tried to make their mark in this up-and-coming mega industry. One such company that is proving their mettle is Amazing Ambrosia, a proud Indian water technologies and hygiene company.
Founded by veteran water technologist Dr. BK Sharma, son Sidharth Sharma, along with plastic industries doyen Mahendra N Patel, and Rahul C Mehta of MentorCap, Amazing Ambrosia Pvt. Ltd., a company that can proudly boast to be India’s first water technology platform, has recently announced an array of disinfection equipment models for the Indian market.

It is a known fact that Ultrasonic fogging can achieve a deeper penetration, thereby resulting in a higher efficiency when compared to spray misting. Amazing Hygieia’s Ultrasonic fogging machine is capable of releasing a dry mist that has particulate size of 1-5 microns that are ideal for killing the air borne coronavirus. As it is a dry mist it doesn’t damage any surfaces. Neither does the equipment get the clothes wet when sanitized, thereby making it ideal for garment shops, malls and other establishments.

The foggers use Amazing Hygieia Electrolysed oxidising water which is US FDA , INMAS DRDO ,Ministry of Health certified disinfectant thst is 100% non toxic , safe to inhale and non inflammable.

With claims of Amazing Hygieia’s dry mist’s capability of eliminating air-borne pathogens in under ten seconds backed by lab reports from Intertek Labs, UK and India, the young business Turk Sidharth Sharma, Director of Amazing Ambrosia, believes that since the dry mist reaches hard-to-reach surfaces, the Ultrasonic Fogging machine is ideal for all environments including human disinfection.

“Amazing Hygieia ultrasonic fogging is probably the only solution where sanitation can be continued in a live setting, with people still present,” he exclaims.

Adds enterprising Director Rahul C Mehta, “Amazing Hygieia disinfectant is currently being manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with components from across the world. The ultrasonic foggers boast lower maintenance and downtime too!”

Introducing six models rated specifically for certain capacities, Amazing Ambrosia’s array of Amazing Hygieia Ultrasonic Foggers includes SA – 1500, SA – 3000, SA – 6000, SA – 9000, SA – 12K and SA – 18K for up to 356, 712, 1,423, 2,135, 2,135, 3,358 Sq. Ft. respectively!

Another feat that the water technologies and sanitation company takes utmost pride in is its products 100 per cent non-toxicity, making it suitable for food courts, restaurants and central kitchens as well! With the air borne new strain of coronavirus these products are the need of the hour.


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