JetSmart Airline CEO on COVID ups and downs

Lori Ranson, Senior Analyst for the Americas, recently had the opportunity to speak with JetSmart Airline CEO Estuardo Ortiz on what is going on with his airline during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Some places in Latin America have had to institute another shutdown due to new waves of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
  2. How is this affecting aviation recovery as seen from the eyes of JetSmart Airline CEO Estuardo Ortiz?
  3. What are the current travel restrictions and where does consumer confidence and economic recovery stand?

About the only thing safe to say in the current world of COVID-19 is that aviation in general is working very hard to get its wings back up in the air, people back at work, and profit margins no longer marginal.

In an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of JetSmart Airline CEO Estuardo Ortiz, he speaks on COVID ups and down for his airline with Lori Ranson of CAPA – Centre for Aviation and brings to light what this airline is doing to rise from the ashes of the coronavirus. Read on – or sit back and listen to – this insightful exchange.

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