This Hawaiian Train is Classified for Tourists and Locals, but will Welcome you with Aloha!

My train ride in Honolulu was a lot of fun yesterday, but not many in Hawaii know about it.
No public money is used for the operating train, but nearly 11.4 billion Dollars is estimated to get the Honolulu Rail project going in years to come.

  • On the Island of Oahu, County of Honolulu, Hawaii the most expensive railroad project every build in the United States may cost almost $11.4B,
  • Construction started in 2005. This 20+ mile, 21 station stretch will not fully open until 2031
  • Another train in Honolulu has been operating for decades connecting Ewa with Barbers Point and Kapolei and the new resort area Ihilani, home of Disney Resort. It’s nonprofit and has no taxpayer funding, but is a lot of fun to ride, however, no one will tell locals or tourists about it.

The Honolulu Rail project could cost nearly $11.4 billion and take until 2031 to be open for full-route service. That is according to documents posted on Friday, March 12, by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit (HART).

The railroad between Ewa, Kapolei on the Westside of the Island of Oahu, known as the Hawaiian Railway Society is a 3 ft narrow gauge heritage railroad in Ewa, Hawaii, USA, on the island of Oahu It had 15 miles of track and restored 6+ miles already without any public money.

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